Maryland Institute College of Art 2017-2021
B.F.A. in Animation, Printmaking

Undergraduate Research Associate in Astrobiology 06.20 - 08.20
       10-week residential program with the NASA Goddard Center for Astrobiology

SAS: Animating Energies
Balticon: Astro-Animation 


Balticon, Baltimore, MD (5.24.20)
Breaking News: Stars Crash
MICA Film and Animation Festival, Baltimore, MD (3.1.20)
International Festival for Science Visualization, Tokyo, JP (2.16.20 - 2.18.20)

Maryland Science Center Planetarium, Baltimore, MD (12.10.19)
Rosenberg Gallery, Baltimore, MD (11.7.19 - 11.25.19)
A Gift for My Mother
Maryland Science Center Sphere, Baltimore, MD (10.15.19)
Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival - Installation, Baltimore, MD (10.4 - 10.6.19)
Nasa Family Day: Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD (4.25.19)
Breaking News: Stars Crash

MICA Film and Animation Festival, Baltimore, MD (12.1.18)
Untitled (Space)


Current Showings:
Day Dream
Decker Library at the Bunting Center (1.20 - Present)

Previous Showings:
Liber Transformed
Trophy Gallery (3.9.20 - 3.30.20)
We Are Everywhere
Fox 2 Gallery (2.24.20 - 3.21.20)
The Brown Center (12.19.19 - 1.20.20)
Open Doors
Scholarship Exhibition at the Mosher Building (12.19)
Paper, Plate, Screen
1515 Building (11.19)
Printmaking Juried Exhibition
Rosenberg Gallery (11.19)
Who are you?
Wilgus Gallery (11.19)
Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival
Parkway Theater Installation (10.19)
Monoprint 2019 
1515 Building (4.19)
Collected Life Drawing Works
Main Building (4.19)
Collected Life Drawing Works
The Fox Building (3.19)
Group Show at the Crown
The Crown Bar (3.19)
Anatomy For Artists
Main Building (12.18)
Juried Undergraduate Exhibition
Decker Gallery (11.18)
Foundation Exhibition
Meyerhoff Gallery (10.18)
Face to Face
ABOX at the Leake Building (4.18)
Showing at the Studios
Mosher Studios (3.18)
Juried Undergraduate Exhibition
Meyerhoff Gallery (11.17)
Popup Show
Soo’s Kim Chi House (10.17)
Showing at the Studios
Mosher Studios (10.17)
Rosenberg Gallery (9.17)
Marin County Fair
Advanced Art
Youth in Arts (7.17)
Advanced Art
Bartolini Gallery at the Marin Center (6.17)
Rising Stars
Youth in Arts (4.17)

Client Work

NASA Goddard
Ocean Worlds Week August 2020
Animated Title Sequences, Icon Design

Instagram Filter August 2020
Illustration, Animation, SparkAR Coding

Asuka Chondrite July 2020
Editorial Gif Design

Breaking News: Stars Crash April 2019
Lead Animator, Topic Research

Video Editor, Research Assistant for Laurence Arcadias
Funded by the National Endowment For the Arts

Maryland Institute College of Art
MICA Votes
Video Editor, Animation

Love Hurts, Lit Helps
Cover Art and Internal Illustration
Published by Roman & Littlefield

Directed by Ida Lasic

NASA’s Partnership Between Art and Science: A Collaboration to Cherish, Nasa.Gov, 09.14.2020
Asuka Chondrite: Artist Profile, @NasaSolarSystem, 09.04.2020
Astonishingly old Antarctic space rock could explain mystery of life's weird asymmetry, Space.Com, 08.23.2020
Pristine Space Rock Offers NASA Scientists Peek at Evolution of Life’s Building Blocks, Nasa.Gov, 08.20.2020
Love Hurts, Lit Helps Andrew Simmons, 2020
Laurel Moon Literary Magazine, Brandeis University, Spring 2020

Face to Face
Brown Center (12.19 - 1.20)
ABOX at the Leake Building (4.18)


Excellency in Planetarium Student Film
Internation Festival for Science Visualization
Undergraduate Research Associates in Astrobiology Award
NASA Goddard, American University
William Ferguson Scholarship
Maryland Institute College of Art, Jury Selected

Best in Experimental
MICA Film Festival, Audience Vote
Foundation Department Award
Maryland Institute College of Art, July Selected

Martin Luther King Youth Humanitarian of Marin County
Fred and Jonna Lazarus Endowed Fund Recipient
Maryland Institute College of Art
Phyllis Thelen Distinguished Young Artist
Awarded at the Marin County Fair
Mae Lacourse Scholarship for Civic Action
San Rafael High School Alumni Association
Merit Award
Youth in Arts, Rising Stars Show
Best of Show: Collage
Awarded at the Marin County Fair