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Short film trailer, thesis project at the maryland institute college of art, 2021. runtime 07:22
   music by maya halko

screened at:
Annecy International Animation Film Festival
Annecy, France 06.17.23
Rebentos Emerging Film Festival
Algueirão–Mem Martins, Portugal 06.16.23
Images Festival
Toronto, Canada 04.14.23
TAG! Queer Shorts Festival
Portland, Oregon 03.04.23
Student Experimental Film Festival Binghamton
Binghamton, New York 12.03.22
Tatsuno International Film Festival: Experimental & Animation Without Dialogue
Tatsuno, Japan 11.13.22
MOV International Student Film Festival
Pernambuco, Brazil 11.04.22
Global University Film Awards
Hong Kong, China 11.01.22
NEOSFest Encuentro Internacional de Experimentación Audiovisual
Monterrey, Mexico 10.26.22
Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival
Baltimore, MD 10.22.22
University of Winnipeg Film Festival
Winnipeg, Canada 10.21.22
Opavský páv – Mezinárodní studentský filmový festival
Opava, Czech Republic 10.11.22
Equinoxio - 24 Festival Universitario de Cine y Audiovisuales
Bogotá, Colombia 09.23.22
Animation Commencement Screening, Maryland Institute College of Art
Baltimore, MD 06.15.22
LUCID, a Night of Experimental Animation
Baltimore, MD 12.17.21

displayed at:
THE SHOW - Artwalk
Decker Gallery, Baltimore, MD 05.13.22 - 05.16.22
December Senior Exhibition
Rosenburg Gallery Baltimore, MD 12.13.22 - 12.17.22
Saltwater - Solo Exhibition
Pinkard Gallery, Baltimore, MD 11.09.22 - 12.03.21

Short film trailer, designed for planetarium/dome display, runtime 4:10

screened at:
16th Jena FullDome Festival
Jena, Germany 10.08.2021
International Festival for Science Visualization
Tokyo, Japan 02.18.2020
   2020 Excellency Award Winner
Maryland Science Center Planetarium
Baltimore, MD 12.10.2019

Short film, animation on skin, runtime 1:47.

screened at:
Queer City Cinema
Regina, Canada 09.16.2022
MICA Film and Animation Festival
Baltimore, MD 03.01.2020
Chennai International Queer FIlm Festival
Chennai, India 12.05.2020

displayed at:
We Are Everywhere
Baltimore, MD 2.24.20 - 3.21.20

Short film, runtime 0:37

screened at:
MICA Animation Festival
   2020 Audience Choice Award Winner

Mixtape Mutants, Volume 3: SEED